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Networking | 2023-01-05 16:22:21

Sometimes even in the most organised of worlds, we still manage to miss patching older systems. I found an old HP iLO server running iLO 4 - 1.20 with no way to log into it. Every modern browser and OS has now deprecated old TLS, RC4 and 3DES cyphers for certificates with the most common FF error being thrown: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP.

Irrespective of what I tried (such as security.tls.version.min, version.fallback-limit, IE compatibility modes) nothing would work. Even an old 2008 server running IE wouldn't work because of Javascript blocking etc. Unfortunately the only way I could work around this was to spin a Win7 machine running original IE to bust into it. Ideally I wouldn't have had to roll a new Win7 VM, but old versions for this reason should be in everyones toolbox.

Once in, it's easy enough to upgrade to a more modern iLO FW which supports modern TLS considering that HP make it readily available https://support.hpe.com/connect/s/softwaredetails?language=en_US&softwareId=MTX_729b6d22f37f4f229dfccbc3a9.