NOP, just NOP

IT | 2013-04-19 03:08:51

I’m a pretty big fan of TeamViewer.

There are heaps of remote desktop apps like GoTo Assist and the like that are able to punch through NAT by creating a reverse tunnel, but each to their own.

The latest Ubuntu install 8.0.17864 creates a daemon to bring your machine online. Maybe I’m just being a fritata but whenever the daemon was active, the machine would show online, but I could never connect to it. Even when the machine was a added as a partner it would show online, but it would always sit at “Connecting” when you try and remote into it.

The only way I could get into the remote machine was to open the GUI on the remote machine. Once the GUI was open the machines “online” status never changed, but I could remote in.

Due to the nature of a remote machine, you’ll never have remote access to open the GUI in order to remote to it. So the below startup script will launch the GUI upon login so you can successfully remote in. It is exactly the same script that is run when you click on the GUI icon for TV.