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Networking | 2007-07-10 14:10:31

Currently i have a Billion BiPAC 7402GL ADSL2+ modem/router and i set up a few virtual servers with # symbols in their name.

When deleting or editing the virtual server it does not pass the # symbol to the page, so when deleting or editing the object the following error occurs:

webserver:Couldn’t find ‘ImFireWall.ImFwInterfaces.ipwan.ImFwNATresvMaps.Art HTTPD ‘ as a local symbol or object instance

My virtual server was named Art HTTPD #1, and you can see in the error message it didnt pass the #1 at all.

To fix this you must delete occurrences of virtual servers with # in the name, and then recreate them. I modified the source of the delete page to correct it.


Just change the NAMEOFYOURVS to whatever your virtual server, rename .txt to .html and open the page and it will delete the object