CallManager 9 + VirtualBox + Ubuntu 12.04 + GNS3 + SIP

Following on from similar post I did a few years back about CCM7 in VirtualBox with a SIP trunk to a 2621XM, I’ve recreated the process for CCM9 with a few differences.

The final environment looks like the below:

  • Cisco SRP527W ADSL2+ Router
  • Ethernet to Ubuntu 11.04 running as the VirtualBox Host
  • Call Manager 9 Virtual Machine Guest
  • Ubuntu 12.04 Guest
  • GNS3 inside the 12.04 Guest
  • 2621XM running as CUBE inside GNS3
  • SIP trunk between Call Manager 9 and the 2621XM
  • SIP trunk between external provider and the 2621XM (my provider is Internode)

I won’t detail the SRP or VirtualBox Host config – it’s far too simple. The only note to add is to turn SIP ALG on on the SRP and forward 5060-5062 to the IP of your GNS3 router.

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