Windows 10 KB3163018 Breaks CCM 9.0.1 SSL

After installing the Windows 10 KB3163018 update, you are no longer able to load Call Manager 9.0.1 web interfaces that use a self signed certificate.

There’s a bit of talk on the KB here:

And similar issues here for Viewmail on 11.5 –

I haven’t been able to check whether this is resolved with a properly signed certificate, or whether it’s a limitation in the tomcat library.

Interestingly it doesn’t impact 7.1.5 clusters. I will check against 11.0.1 shortly.

UPDATE: 11.0.1 works fine, just the usual self signed certificate warning.

One thought on “Windows 10 KB3163018 Breaks CCM 9.0.1 SSL

  1. Appears to be TLS1.0 has been completely dropped. Test on enabling only TLS1.0 – works without the update, once installed you get “Page cannot be displayed”

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