Bleep – Secure, Direct Communication

In the recent search for encrypted direct messaging and voice solutions I’ve come across Bleep. It’s been developed for iOS, Android, PC and MAC by BitTorrent.


The free platform touts direct connections between client endpoints, encrypted messages and calls and a snapchat like mode called Whisper. The marketing states that endpoint connections use P2P technology and when adding friends you use a private key like system. This feels very similar to how the BT Sync client works by using DHT and it’s friends. Here’s an except from their support site:

Bleep tries to connect users directly and that means that a user’s friends (and only them) will have his/her IP address. Bleep is currently not using any onion routing to hide users’ IPs from their friends. This may change in the future. In cases that a direct connection is not possible because of network conditions, the peers use a relay server to connect to a friend. The relay server does not know the identity of the users that it connects to nor it can read the content of the messages that it forwards.

Bleep doesn’t mention what type of encryption it uses but does say that it implements PFS.

Currently multiple devices aren’t supported but there are suggestions that they are working on this as well as offline messages. This would be critical to gain acceptance by mobile users to compete with iMessage and Facebook Messenger, which have also been a sticking point with similar encrypted, distributed messenger platforms.



Other solutions that I’ve used before like TOX based clients don’t have nice support for all platforms so it’s good to see a solid charge into the space to get users relying on the platform.


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